Fern Hill
is A story of four young boys who learn and grow in such a level of maturity, Fern Hill has a lesson for adults and children.

Fern Hill begins by introducing the lives and struggles of four boys, all from different family backgrounds, different likes and dislikes, but brings them together in a common bond. The bond that brings them together to a Christian message of truth and love in the life that they live, no matter what their home struggles were.

The journey gets started by Collin, a boy who lost his father to an assumed plane crash, but eight years after his death, still no plane had been found, and no answers were given. The need to find his father, became what he thought would be the answer to his struggles. So after being fed up with having to answer to the step father who replaced his real father, he gathered his three best friends to set out and find the answer.

Joined with his best friends Kenny, Bob and Seth, the four of them sneak out to find more answers than they thought they would ever find. With the humor of Bob, the “mama’s boy”, the love of Kenny, and the courage of Seth, the viewer learns about the questions and needs of young kids and the redemption that they can find.

Fern Hill is the perfect DVD for pre-teen kids who are living and learning about what life is all about, the bond of love and friendship, and the hope found in the Christian truth.

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