Faith of our Fathers, coming out July 1st, 2015 is a movie with a powerful and applicable story line to generations that still exist and will teach the generations to come.

Two men lose their fathers to the war in Vietnam, never having a chance to know them or even knowing what exactly happened in the case of their Fathers’ death. It wasn’t until these two men meet and choose to explore who their fathers were that they learn what really happened.

As the two sons took their journey, they came to discover not only more about their earthly fathers than they could ever have imagined, but they came to know more about their heavenly Father, as well. Faith of our Fathers is a movie that seems to show us that history affects each of us daily, whether we are conscious of it or not. It appears that history also reveals to us that our heavenly Father is with us in the past, in the present and will be with us in the future.

Something worth noting is the amazing lineup of cast that they have for this movie! To begin with, one of the lead roles in the film is played by Pure Flix co-founder (producer of God’s Not Dead) David A.R. White! In addition to David A.R. White, the cast includes, Stephen Baldwin, Rebecca St. James, Candace Cameron Bure, and Si Robertson!

After learning about Faith of our Fathers I am super bummed that it won’t be out before Father’s Day! This would be a movie that I would love to watch with my Dad- a Vietnam Vet himself.