Expecting a Miracle - DVD ImageHere’s a Hallmark Channel that you’d might like to add to your favorites! This Christian DVD is based on a short story written by Ira Avery and its story filled with sweet moments and funny ones too. Expecting a Miracle is about how a young married couple that is currently struggling, suddenly is impacted by the news that they won’t be able to have kids. When they end up in a small village in Mexico, far away from any signs of civilization and help that’s when they truly can depend on hoping for a miracle.

In the Christian movie Expecting a Miracle there’s Pete and Donna Stanhope. They’re married and learn that sadly they can’t have kids. This kind of news shatters them and now their world has been turned upside down. They live in Los Angeles, California and they’ve always envisioned having a big family. But after this saddening news and realizing that having kids the natural way will be quite impossible they think of what other options they have. One of those options is giving up, to accept the results given to them and continue on with their everyday lives. Another option is to pray for God to perform a miracle in their lives and wait patiently for him to do what they’d like. But there’s the question if He will actually listen to them or if they will actually receive it. So after receiving the news, the couple from this Christian movie choose to get away and take some time for themselves. They hear about a place they can go to and stay in Mexico so there is where they choose to go. Then at one point in their road trip, Pete and Donna encounter some car trouble but the real problem is that they’re in the middle of nowhere, very far away from any kind of civilization. This means that they can’t call Triple A or have a way to get back home. Soon they approach a small village called Dommatina where they’re helped by some locals. The couple finds themselves in a new environment, new culture and completely out of their element.

In Dommatina, Pete and Donna meet a young boy named Pepillo who a few years back suffered a severe accident and since then hasn’t been able to walk. Sadly, his parents passed away during the accident. Later on in this Christian DVD, they meet Pepillo’s older brother Juan who is actually the village’s mechanic and immediately offers to help Donna and Pete with their car. They also meet Magdalena, Juan’s fiancée who is in charge of the kids from the village and Father Arturo, the village’s priest.

Expecting a Miracle - DVD Image

Juan from Expecting a Miracle is set in fixing their car but he informs them that the parts he needs will take some time to arrive. So they decide to stay in the small village until their car is fixed, also in the meantime, they’d help with the town’s upcoming celebration. While staying there, the couple learns about the culture of the locals and they begin to grow close to the people. Pete helps Father Arturo get ready for the celebration as well. The main “attraction” of the fiesta is “the flying machine”, a system that lets the local children experience the feeling of flying around the center of the village. There’s a legend that explains this machine, that once a saint visited Dommatina and formed a friendship with a crippled little boy. The saint’s only friend was this little boy since nobody in town wanted to speak with him, therefore, the saint gifted the boy a chance to fly by turning him into a dove. He flew around the square a few times and returned to his human form but he was healed. The miracle mentioned in this Christian movie was known to everybody in town.
The machine is set but later on, it breaks down just a few days before the fiesta. Since Pete is an engineer, he decides to help build a new machine that he hopes is safer and one that will work a bit better than the previous one. Pepillo is the child chosen to ride the machine and the little boy has high hopes that when he comes down from it he will be miraculously healed.

What will happen with Pepillo? Will his miracle be granted? And what about Pete and Donna? Will their own plea be answered?
Find out in Expecting a Miracle! You can find this Hallmark’s Best movie at the Fishflix store.

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