Since the early 90s, the Dove Foundation has had an incredible influence on Christian families by setting up a rating and reviewing system that helps Christian Consumers to make choices about what films to watch with their families.  For example if you check out their review for Bella you’ll see that it is “Dove Approved: Suitable for Ages 12 and up,” but if you visit the review for the recent hit “Robin Hood,” you’ll see that it’s “Not Family Approved” and it details the reasons why.  Other films may be “Dove Approved All ages” like the Christian Comedy “Angels Love Donuts.”

As a seller of Christian DVDs, we’ve been greatly blessed by the ministry of the Dove Foundation.  Their ratings and evaluations of Christian films have, in many cases, helped us as we ask the question: “What Films should we sell?”

A recent article in the online newspaper “STLToday” outlined the recent growth of the Dove Foundation’s influence and their plans to unveil a more comprehensive set of seals that will help discern between different Christian films, more and more of which are featuring content that is definitely not suitable for all ages; namely films like To Save A Life, which have a strong Christian message, but also feature content that some Christians may find objectionable.

As the article says…

The success of Christian films inspired a new generation of Christian auteurs who have since introduced variety into the Christian film market. Fans of Christian movies can now choose between squeaky-clean evangelistic efforts like Sherwood Films’ “Fireproof,” about a firefighter’s marriage, and “Facing the Giants,” about a football coach’s trust in God, and grittier fare, like this year’s “To Save A Life,” about teen depression, suicide and bullying; and “Preacher’s Kid,” about domestic violence.

The latter two films “have some rather graphic scenes in them of inappropriate sexual behavior, drug and alcohol use and violence,” Rolfe said in an interview. “However, they also have very powerful stories of redemption through Christian faith.”