I have to admit that I have looked over Entertaining Angels several times. The cover made it appear that the movie was dated, which of course, didn’t catch my interest. Recently however, I picked it up and saw that it was a DVD about Dorothy Day, which happens to be the name of a homeless shelter in my city. I was then curious and decided to sit down and watch it. Let me tell you, Entertaining Angels is NOT a DVD to be looked over!

As I learned, Dorothy Day was a woman with passion, drive and a heart for others in need. She was a gifted writer and used her talent to make others aware of the suffering and persecution that others without a voice, were enduring during the depression and other difficult circumstances.
Initially she did this by her own conviction but after going through some terrible suffering herself, she stumbled upon her faith, which she held on to and from there reached out to meet the basic needs of thousands and thousands of people. These people ranged from drunks, to prostitutes, people with mental disabilities and people who just couldn’t afford to eat, drink or shelter themselves.

Entertaining Angels is a fantastic DVD for people to watch and in return will really see things in perspective and will be inspired to do the work of God. Dorothy Day was a very smart woman, but she did not hesitate to get her hands dirty, live with hardly any money, and relied on her faith and trust in God to meet not only her needs, but the needs of so many others.

This DVD shows that we all go through hardships in life and that there are many challenges and obstacles in life, but God will always see you through. Dorothy constantly endured obstacles, even from the Catholic church itself. When you’re doing what you believe is the will of God and the church wants to shut you down, it takes a very strong, driven woman, directed by faith, to overcome and humbly accomplish what Dorothy Day did.

Much to my surprise, even though this DVD looked dated, it still has some really talented actors and actresses, which really help deliver the truth and reality of the life of Dorothy Day. Dorothy Day is played by Moira Kelly, who also starred in one of my favorite childhood movies, and another lead character, whom was very influential in Dorothy’s life, was played by Martin Sheen. Her best friend was played by Heather Graham. A great cast, for such an amazing example of being the hands and feet of Christ.

After watching this inspiring DVD, learning about such an amazing woman of God, I am honored that I live near a homeless shelter named after the one and only, Dorothy Day.