I had the opportunity to attend an early screening of Do You Believe? yesterday at the NRB convention in Nashville Tennessee. Do You Believe? releases to the theaters on March 20th and will be out on DVD late this summer.

If you’re not yet familiar with Do You Believe?, you will be soon. This is the latest film from PureFlix – The studio that produced God’s Not Dead, The Encounter, What If and This is Our Time.

If you have enjoyed Pure Flix’ previous offerings, I’m confident that you’ll love Do You Believe?

The film focuses on the lives of 12 individuals–children and elderly, black, white and Latino, believers and unbelievers, pastors and gang members, wealthy professionals and homeless run-aways, passionate followers of Christ and backslidden believers.

Over the course of a few days, all of their lives weave together and they are all faced with the question – Do You Believe?

I love this film because it’s not only an extremely high quality production with great actors and a great story – it has a deeply challenging message for everyone – for the person who’s turned their back on God, for the person who thinks they’re “pretty much a Christian” and for the strong Christian who has forgotten the centrality of the Cross in the life of a Christian.

I was deeply challenged about how much I claim to live a Christian life, but how little my life right now is truly impacted daily by the gospel. The film brings to a head the fact that we’re all moments away from meeting Jesus – I want to be found living for him when that happens.

I hope you’ll check out the trailer below – you’ll notice that Do You Believe? has a great cast – Mira Sorvino, Sean Astin, Alexa Penavega, Ted McGinley, Andrea Logan White, Brian Bosworth, Lee Majors and Cybill Shepherd and you’ll see that there is a powerful message here for the Church and for the world.

I also hope you’ll see Do You Believe? in the theaters and that you’ll take others with you. Take my word for it, this isn’t a movie you want to miss.

Please feel free to watch the trailer: Do You Believe?