Have you seen Come What May ? If you’re a fan of Christian film and haven’t seen it yet, let me ask; “why not”?

For me, my excuse has been time and expectations. I’ve been busy and frankly haven’t watched many films at all this summer, honestly though, I’ve read some reviews and I expected it to be ok at best. I wasn’t expecting to be drawn into the story, and I certainly wasn’t expecting to love it. Come What May is pitched as a “pro-life film”, and it definitely is. Naturally, I expected a lot of preaching and pontificating disguised as dialogue. Come What May is a lot more than that, it’s a very good college-themed movie.

Here’s the story line. The main character, Caleb, is a college sophomore who dreams of success as a lawyer. He discovers a small Christian college in Virginia that has built a world-class debating team in its first 7 years as an institution, namely Patrick Henry College. He decides to transfer there to be part of their debate program as a stepping stone to his career in law.

Although his decision pits his conservative Christian father against his progressive, driven mother who is a successful lawyer, Caleb ends up attending Patrick Henry and joins the debate team where he finds himself arguing a case (in the nat’l debate contest) with the potential to overthrow Row v. Wade. As the debate season approaches, he finds himself engrossed in the abortion issue. He believes that abortion at any time is murder, but he doesn’t believe he can win the debate championship if he argues that side. He spends most of the film wrestling over whether it’s best to proclaim the full truth or to compromise on issues in the name of winning. As the story rolls along, we find that his mother and father are much more tangled up in Caleb’s moral struggles than it first seems. Throw in a little romance Joshua-Harris-style (see Monday’s post) and the film finishes with a climax that really ties everything together.

Things I really liked: Although the story focuses on the abortion issue, it didn’t feel like an apologetic for the pro-life stance. The main message of the movie is having the courage to do what’s right, no matter what happens. It is also a great picture of the best things about life at a Christian college. The relationships between Caleb and his parents, his debate partner, and his professor were all believable as was the conflict in Caleb’s parents’ marriage throughout the film.

I should mention that this is clearly a cast of inexperienced/amateur actors, and that shows at times. That said, the story is compelling enough that I easily overlooked that. The film is of incredible quality for a first film (Advent Film Group.) Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see #2.

Come What May is a solid movie that I would recommend generally to fans of Christian film. If you liked Fireproof, The Widow’s Might, Pendragon, Love Comes Softly or the Fox Faith dramas, you’ll like this film. Specifically, I’d recommend this film to Christian high schoolers or college students. Come What May puts forward two good role models as we watch them process difficult issues. The students also display the virtue of hard work, both professionally and in the classroom. The romance in the film is also commendable and will be covered in a future article.

Let me ask again, if you haven’t seen Come What May yet, what are you waiting for? You can rent it at your local DVD rental shop or buy it here at FamilyChristianMovies.com.