by Philip Pfanstiel

The Dilemma referred to in this compelling movie’s title is that of the Cambrian Explosion. This movie does an excellent job of presenting this momentous geological event in the earth’s history that seriously undermines current Evolutionary thinking. And unlike that last sentence, it does it in a way that is easily understandable.

Darwin’s Dilemma is by Illustra Media, the same company that created Privileged Planet and Unlocking the Mystery of Life, and is just as well done with cutting edge graphics, interesting yet understandable content and great ammunition for the friendly discussions with the evolutionists next door.

The film does present the average Christian with a dilemma: how far down the rabbit hole of the creation / evolution debate does one want to delve?

For a quick guide to the theories one might want to check the video On a Level Playing Field (full disclosure: this is the DVD I produced) since this DVD is designed for 7-10 grade students it is a great introduction to the debate on a level most people can appreciate.

Darwin’s Dilemma is a DVD that supports and promotes the Theory of Intelligent Design (ID). While Intelligent Design can be used to support Young Earth Creationism (the theory that most Christians are most comfortable with since it takes the Genesis account literally), it is actually more supportive of an Old Earth Creation viewpoint. This is the dilemma: do you want to remain comfortable in what you “know” is right, or would you feel comfortable questioning and possibly changing your current view?

This is no small question, but not one you have to answer now. Watch the DVD. It is very engaging and informative and does provide great ammunition to use against die hard evolutionists. But as with any firefight while its exciting and dynamic, no one leaves it unchanged.