A 3 part blog series from FishFlix.com

Darren Wilson’s 3-film adventure

Part Two: Furious Love

Upon completing “Finger of God,” Darren Wilson felt God’s call to venture into the places of the world where darkness seems to be in charge. Of course, that wasn’t his only purpose. His purpose was to take the all-devouring love of God into those places in order to see what would happen. Now you and I know exactly what happens when perfect love collides with fear, the love casts out the fear in a furious way. That is what Furious Love is all about.

Parts of this film will shock any audience due to the riskiness of going into some of the most wretched, godless places in the entire world on the whim that God will protect and provide. But we don’t really need to travel to the other side of the world to have our faith in God tested, do we? Not at all. This film will inspire anyone longing to be faithful to God anywhere in the world. Whether you’re visiting with a drug addict in Spain, encountering various groups of people at a Satanist convention, or just trying to spread hope to those you work or go to school with every day, there’s nothing to fear.

For far too long, there has been an unspoken and ignored fear in many western church communities that the kingdom of darkness around the world should just stay around the world and the comforts of the west should stay in the west. Thankfully, Furious Love reminds each of us that there truly is nothing to be afraid of at all. God hasn’t given any of us a spirit of fear. Instead, we who have put our hope in Jesus have been given divine power, a sound mind, and a furious love.