A 3 part blog series from FishFlix.com

Darren Wilson’s 3-film adventure

Part 1: Finger of God

I’ve often wondered what it would be like if Jesus and his disciples had the same technology we have today. How different would the stories be? Imagine Thomas stating his doubts about Jesus being brought back to life only to be told by James, “No worries bro! I’ve got the video on my iPhone right here. Check it out!”

At the same time, I’ve wondered what it would be like to see the same things that happened in Bible times occur today in our modern society. What would it look like to see hundreds raised from the dead or Manna appearing in the Pentagon? How cool would it be to see teenagers healing strangers rather than “knocking them out” on the street?

If I had to choose between either of those two scenarios, I’d most definitely prefer the latter. Rather than handing Peter a phone that’ll read his fingerprints, I’d love to see the fingerprint of God make itself obvious in the mundane, daily to and fro most of us find ourselves in. And it seems I’m not alone in this desire. Darren Wilson has put together a film documenting his two year journey of looking for the “Finger of God” around the world.

What I witnessed in this film was quite remarkable. You’ve probably heard stories or read Biblical passages that tell of God working miracles, but have you gotten to watch one happen in front of you? “Finger of God” does not disappoint those looking for evidence behind the claims of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In Matthew 11:19, Jesus said “Wisdom is shown to be right by what comes from it.”

In Finger of God, “what comes from it” is defined all over the world from Northern California to mud huts of Africa. Questions about what the Gospel will bring forth in one’s life are answered in dramatic yet honest and transparent fashion. Take a look at “Finger of God.” You certainly won’t be disappointed.