Fathering. Many men throughout history have been regarded as the “Father of” something. Wilhelm Wundt is considered the Father of Psychology. Antoine Lavoisier is the Father of Chemistry. William Gilbert is believed to be the Father of Electricity (Sorry Nikola Tesla fans! Please keep reading!). We hear these titles and understand they’re implying these men were trailblazers in these areas of study. All of humanity is eternally grateful to these men who’ve fathered the studies we all benefit from today.

So what does James mean when he scribbles down the words Father of Lights in the very first chapter of his book? God, the Creator of the Universe, the one who is from everlasting to everlasting, is the “Father of Lights”?

Darren Wilson seems to be asking the same question in the final film of his trilogy (Finger of God, Furious Love, and now the appropriately named), Father of Lights. Answering this question means taking a look at light and its very nature.

Light is not just something we can see, it is in fact the reason we can see anything. “Father of Lights” is Darren Wilson’s gift to the Christian community that has gone without seeing all the incredible miracles we’ve read and heard about.

Father of Lights will shock and inspire You. This Christian DVD includes interviews and personal stories that will demonstrate to any audience the reality that is available to humanity through God the Father. Wilson portrays God as who he truly is, the Father to the fatherless, the Father to the broken, the poor, and weary, The Father of Lights.