Faith and Powers Pictures presents, “Daniel’s Lot“, a Dove Family Foundation approved DVD! Release date to be determined.

Daniel, played by actor and Pastor Dominic Shaw, is a man with a life of struggles. He and his wife are at odds with each other about their financial problems, their religious beliefs, and what they are to do to resolve their issues before they lose their house!

Daniel’s wife Christy, played by actress Lindsey McCabe, is victim to the enconomy and the struggling housing market as she tries to make the commission to pay the mortgage. Daniel and Christy are almost five months behind on their payments, and the job that Daniel works for pays only enough for the other bills and the food to feed themselves and their two kids. Christy begins to feel like Daniel is placing all of their financial problems on her and cannot stand that he is trying to learn more about God and faith than getting his act together and doing the only thing that she thinks will save their family- sell the lot of land that Daniel’s father left him when he passed.

But selling the lot of land is not an option for Daniel. Sure it would guarantee them the money that they needed, but he wanted to honor what his father had requested before he passed, that he not sell the land until the time was right. His father assured him that he would know when that time was, and not to sell it prematurely.

The financial battle between Daniel and Christy really put their marriage at risk. Christy chooses to reject God and take things into her own hands, even if that meant sinning against and abandoning her husband. Daniel on the other hand pursues his faith whole heartedly and discovers that God has a voice in his life and that if he is obedient, God will honor that.

With the help of a man whom he meets and later learns is a Pastor, Bill Mahoney, played by Gary Burghoff (who starred in M*A*S*H), Daniel learns what it is that God really wants him to do with the lot that his father gave him. Even though the idea does not mean profit, he trusts God and puts his faith in what he asked him to do. As a result, God really steps out in Daniel’s life and reveals blessing after blessing, taking Daniel’s land and his life to a place he would have never thought possible. And it wouldn’t have been had it not been for his obedience in God.

Daniel’s Lot is a perfect example of the situations that many people find themselves in. It shows how God works through our lives to reveal himself and his purposes. All that is required is faith and obedience in Him.

To view a trailer: Daniel’s Lot Trailer