Dancer and the Dame is humorous, family friendly movie that will not only keep you interested, but it will keep you laughing as well!

Rick Dancer is a detective who was at the point in his career where he had made some mistakes and had decided to give up on caring and take the easy way out by doing very minimal work at all. It wasn’t until someone that he knew personally became a victim that he changed his mind and became motivated once again to investigate and put the bad guy behind bars.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the police force wasn’t so sure of Dancer’s sudden renewal. The Chief was asking him not to be involved in the case at all, telling Dancer that they didn’t want him to be a part of it. But Dancer wasn’t taking no for an answer, and the Chief understood that there wasn’t a thing that he could do about it…or was there.

Princess was a police officer also on her last leg of the work force. In efforts to keep Princess in the force, the police force therapist thought it might be in the best interest of Dancer as well as Princess to work together on this case and maybe it would bring the two of them back in the “game”. The only thing was, Princess happened to be a dog, and who knew how Dancer would handle that!

Dancer and the Dame comes together as Rick Dancer, a crabby, no nonsense, do-it-my-way kind of guy, and Princess, an older, timid dog partner up, teaching and learning from one another in ways that Dancer could never have imagined. Patience wasn’t one of Dancer’s character qualities, but working with Princess brought it out of him in a surprisingly humble way. When Dancer’s safety was in jeopardy and Princess was his only way out, Dancer quickly learned that things couldn’t unfold the way he always wanted them to, but that he had to patiently rely on “others”. That being Princess, of course.

Dancer and the Dame is a very funny, interesting, viewer captivating movie. With Dancer’s character always cracking wise jokes and with events unfolding, but not always going as planned, it is a very entertaining movie for the family to watch. There is a bit of violence, so keep that in mind for age appropriateness, but over all it is a great, clean movie with a great story line and a plot that keeps you guessing!