Crossroad - DVD imageCrossroad, the Christian movie has a very difficult situation of a story that sadly some people have gone through. Even though this movie has a sad story, it contains the message of hope and redemption. Also, it contains very strongly the importance of forgiveness not just for the person who committed the crime in this Christian movie but for the person has to live with the consequences of the crime. Even though this movie holds a difficult story it’s explained in a delicate manner.

Crossroad is about a man who’s trying to forgive and come to terms with the person who killed his family. And when he attempts to meet with the murderer, the meeting is interrupted by a robbery of the place where they’re supposed to meet.

In Crossroad we have Michael Childers, he was a husband and father who enjoys the company of this family but one day a man named Clef Robbie took the life of Michael’s daughter and wife. In that moment two of the most precious people in his life for taken away in such a senseless matter and now he has to figure out how he was going to continue on from such a difficult experience. Of course, this made him doubt if God was really there and if he truly was good as the Bible said. It made Michael question God’s plan and His sovereignty. And made him think, how could God let this happen If He knew everything that was going to occur?
A few years go by after his family’s death and Michael is still suffering from it. He’s having a hard time handling the situation in coping with his own grief since he doesn’t rely on God to work in his heart and help him through this time. He doesn’t ask for peace and for God to heal his heart, instead, what he does is begin to form a plan in his mind to get revenge on the man who took away his family.

It’s been six years and the plans that he was forming in his mind is now ready, Clef Robbie had to die. When Michael hears that Robbie is released from prison, he coordinates to meet the man at a local diner and completely ignores god speaking Taylor about how this is the wrong path to go to. Basically, Michael chooses to trust his own self and trust his own strength instead of relying on God and His justice. Michael really believes that on his own he can finish this man and feels that it is his responsibility to do so.

Later on in this Christian movie, the diner that Michael was supposed to meet Robbie at is suddenly being robbed by two people. In this moment Michael decides to “trust” his own strengths and take down these two men. Since he was all ready to take down Robbie, Michael shoots towards one of the robbers who was about to hurt another person and turns everything all-around. Now we find Michael holding everyone in the diner hostage so originally he had a plan set out and now things have changed. Suddenly Michael has the power to basically eliminate anybody who’s in the diner and facing the power is tempting to him. It’s his time to accomplish his mission and eliminate Clef Robbie but suddenly he makes a horrible realization. Thinking that he was going to actually kill Robbie he too has become a murderer himself so in that moment he’s not so different from Clef. This clear picture of what he was doing is so much for him to bear that he stops what he’s doing. But now he’s in great danger as Michael finds himself gravely wounded and has to make a decision. He questions if it’s too late to give his heart to Christ again and is surrounded by such sadness as he realizes that he’s been having the wrong mindset for so many years. In this moment in the Christian movie Crossroad, Michael truly asks God for forgiveness and peace and yearns to have a relationship with Him if it’s not too late.
You here in this moment is where the movie tells the audience that everybody deserves a second chance and that God is always there with open arms to receive his children back when they have gone astray.

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