Hey #Hearties!

We had a problem that required a CREATIVE solution.

The Problem: We have significant non-returnable overstock on two DVD singles from Season 1 (When Calls the Heart – The Dance and When Calls the Heart – A Telling Silence.)

Secondary Problem: Not enough people know about When Calls the Heart!

Solution: Partner with the #Hearties Nation to send them out FOR FREE to potential #Hearties.

I know this is a little bit CRAZY but it’s way better than letting these gather dust at our warehouse, Right?!

Our plan is to send out 300 free DVDs (A Telling Silence or The Dance) along with a flier introducing the series and a coupon offer for the person getting the DVD.  Our hope is to create 300 new #Hearties and to give you an opportunity to truly share your love for this great show.

Would you like to introduce a friend to When Calls the Heart? Now is your big chance!


If you would like to introduce a friend to When Calls the Heart, please send us their name, address and a personalized note from you.  You can mail a handwritten note to us, or email us the note, which would be printed and put into the package.  The personal note is what distinguishes this free gift from junk mail.  You can send as many as you’d like, but they must be personalized.

We will send DVDs to the friends of the first 300 that are requested.

How to do it:

Hand Written Notes: Gather your friends’ mailing address and write the card or letter that you’d like to send with the DVD.  Send to FishFlix.com | 105 S Union St. #5 | Mora MN, 55051. Send an email to [email protected] letting me know that you have sent notes and how many – we’ll keep an eye out for them.

Email Notes: Send an email with the names and mailing addresses of the friends that you’d like to send the sample DVD to.  Send the text of your personalized message in the email or as an attachment.  Please send to [email protected]

NOTE: Due to postage costs, we can only do this program within the US, but if you live in Canada and would like to send out 10 or more DVDs to Canadian friends – contact me ([email protected]) and I’ll tell you our options :).)