Courageous DVD ImageThis Christian movie is filled with many themes and lessons to learn from but one of the beautiful things from this movie is that one of its major focuses is fathers and their roles in a household. Personally, Courageous is definitely one of my favorite movies that have been released by Sherwood Pictures.

Courageous centers on four men who happen to be law enforcement officers and very good at what they do. But at home, they struggle in their own ways to handle their role as fathers at home. Even though they dedicate their all to their respective jobs and do the best they can, back at home their job as a dad is not being given their 100%. But soon all of them realize that what they’re giving as fathers needs to be better. As a tragedy close to home occurs, these men begin to juggle their belief, hopes, and fatherhood.

At the beginning of this Christian movie we see Nathan Hayes, a police deputy, whose truck has been stolen and as he tried to get it back he is injured by the thief. He is helped by two officers, Adam and Shane, who actually discover that Nathan is the new police deputy and their new co-worker. Later we get to see a glimpse of the lives of the four officers as the film continues. The viewers meet Adam Mitchell (played by Alex Kendrick) who has two kids, a teenager, and a nine-year-old girl. Adam seems to be really close to his daughter but has quite a distant relationship with his fifteen-year-old son since & a part of it is because he thinks they don’t have much in common.

We also meet Nathan, who even though he grew up without his biological father, he is very committed to his three kids. Now, his growing teenage daughter holds some sort of grudge towards her father because he doesn’t let her date the guy she likes.

By this time we’ve met Adam and Nathan, soon we meet Shane who grew up with divorced parents and in the present, he’s divorced himself with joint custody of his young son. Also, we encounter the fourth police officer, David, who is the youngest of the four of them.

Apart from the four officers, we meet Javier (one of my favorite characters from the film), an immigrant who has been let go from the construction company he worked for and now not having that steady income, he’s struggling to supply everything his family needs. Adam asks him to help him with some projects in his backyard and seeing how good Javier was at it, he managed to get him another job.

When a tragedy occurs in Adam’s family, he rests in God’s Word and reads many Scripture verses about what being a father truly means. In that moment he realizes that he needs to be a better dad so he creates some sort of resolution to promise to recognize God in every part of his life and in his family life. The other three officers take the resolution as their own as a formal ceremony is made and also Javier joins them. The five men take the resolution to heart and really work on each of their families. Relationships begin to mend and second chances start to appear.

One of my favorite things about this Christian movie, Courageous is that it has heartfelt moments but also moments that make you laugh out loud and of course moments that speak into your heart and make you reflect. A roller coaster of emotions but I mean that in a good way! It’s definitely filled with moments that make you think about what is most important in life and reflect on God and family. Courageous having the majority of the main characters be police officers grants us many action scenes (which I love). This Christian movie also tackles several themes really well like forgiveness, faith, and hope. Most importantly it shines a light on fatherhood and the proper way of executing it.

It’s not very often when you find a faith-based film that includes all I’ve mentioned and is extremely fun and confronting at the same time.

So If you haven’t seen Courageous I urge you to do so! It will bless you and your family! If you have seen it be sure to share it forward and bless others with it. Here are other suggestions of films that have truly blessed me:

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