With three days remaining until the DVD release of Fireproof, we at Family Christian Movies could not be much more excited for the release of this powerful and influential film to DVD.In these days leading up to it’s release, my wife and I have decided to sit down and watch the Kendrick Brothers Trilogy for ourselves.I’ve mentioned before t    hat although I’ve been a committed Christian since my college years, I’m somewhat new to the world of Christian movies.Since beginning work with FamilyChristianMovies.com, I’ve been continually surprised by the quantity and quality of the films available in this market.

We sat down to watch Flywheel last night and were not disappointed, we watched Facing the Giants tonight and LOVED it.I can’t wait to watch Fireproof.I’ll be reflecting on these films over the next few days on the blog.I’d love to read your comments as well, especially if you’ve seen these films.

Knowing a little about these films’ production has colored my perspective as I’ve watched them. To those who don’t know, Flywheel was the first film produced by Sherwood Pictures, and it was created by a church, not a big-budget Hollywood company. The script was written by full time pastors, its cast was populated by church volunteers and the video was shot with amateur equipment. With that in mind, the film was very impressive. Facing the Giants took a huge leap forward in quality, and all indications are that Fireproof has brought the quality of Sherwood Pictures’ movies right up there with Hollywood. As I read more and more about this whole story, the thing that amazes me over and over again is how they’ve used the money they bring in. Their church has used the money from these films to build a community park to use for community sports outreach! I love it. This makes me even more excited about selling their films.

Keep posted for the next three days as I reflect on these entertaining, thought provoking and God-glorifying films.