by Philip Pfanstiel

I came clean today in class. I admitted to my 6th grade students that I watched a chick flick called “Love Comes Softly” last night.

And now the confessional continues as I admit in cyberspace my man-crime.

I watched a movie for girls… and I liked it.

After researching for my previous article the series of books by Janette Oke that have been turned into made for TV movies for the Hallmark Channel, I thought I should watch a couple of these movies.

I started by watching the most recent production,Love Takes Wing (the 7th movie made) and then watched “Love Comes Softly” (the 1st movie in the series).

The only problem is that I now want to watch more of the movies with my daughters and don’t have any available. I’m sure my sons will watch and enjoy them to, but they’ll probably be as reticent as I was to admit it.

As providence would have it (yes, we all saw this coming – very bad foreshadowing), there is going to be a movie marathon on the Hallmark Channel this Saturday (September 5th) showing all seven of the movies followed by the worldwide premiere of the 8th and final movie, “Love Finds a Home.”

After the premiere on the Hallmark Channel “Love Finds a Home” will hit stores shelves on November 17th.  But you can pre-order it from and it will be delivered November 17th.

If you don’t have access to the Hallmark Channel, or just want to own the collection of movies for your library, we do have these DVDs available on

I’ll be reviewing “Love Finds a Home” this coming weekend after its premiere and will have the tissues ready … in case my daughters need them.

Have you watched any of the Love Comes Softly series?  Let us know what you thought of them in the comments.  Do you think this series is fit for men as well as women?