Cookie Cutter Christmas

Christmas is really fast approaching and what better way to welcome the season than with a Christmas movie. Cookie Cutter Christmas is a nice holiday romantic comedy that you can watch with your whole family. This movie originally was released in 2014 in the Hallmark Channel. You can never go wrong with a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, right? Erin Krakow from the HC original series, When Calls the Heart stars in this movie with David Hadyn-Jones, Miranda Frigon and the late Alan Thicke. I feel that with all the baking and Holiday preparation, this movie warms your heart and gets you ready for the greatest time of year.

Cookie Cutter Christmas is about two teachers who since childhood have been in a rivalry. They both compete in a holiday bake-off to see who wins plus to see who wins the affections of a single father.

At the beginning of this Christmas movie, we meet Christie Reynolds, an elementary teacher who loves children and loves what she does. We also meet Penny, a teacher at the same elementary that Christie works at. The thing is that both these women have been rivals since they were in school together. They both used to be the best of friends but a competition of who would get the Christmas solo of the school play ended that special friendship. This was back when they both were in elementary school but it seems that they both hang on to that still to this day. Now both of them work in their old elementary school and the rivalry continues. Now that Christmas is near, their rivalry is getting even more intense. Whenever the Christmas season would arrive both Christie and Penny would have a battle over different holiday-related things and this year is no exception. The school will have a fundraising festival that has a teacher bake-off who will be evaluated by a notorious chef. This bake-off will specifically be focused on Christmas cookies. Both teachers from Cookie Cutter Christmas sign up and each is set to win. Penny knows baking from top to bottom, knows all the right measurements and the right way to follow each recipe. Now Christie, on the other hand, is not very known for doing well in the kitchen, especially in baking. Christie is desperate to win so she asks her mom and friends to help her get ready for the bake-off but all the lessons and instructions are not helping as she thinks her “baking skills” are getting worse.

Later in Cookie Cutter Christmas, we meet Lily, a new student in Christie’s class. Since she is new to town, Lily has been struggling quite a bit in her studies. Noticing this, Christie offers to tutor her in her free time. Christie meets Lily’s dad James, a single dad who actually is very good at handling cooking and baking. Knowing about Christie’s baking troubles, he offers to help her out in getting confidence in the kitchen. Christie is not the only one setting her eyes on the new guy in town. A new competition starts as Penny does everything she can to change James’ attention from Christie to her.

Penny not wanting to lose, takes one of James’ own cookie recipes and knows that it will come handy during the competition. During the bake-off things are really tight between the bakers, especially Penny and Christie. Penny, on the other hand, hides James’ recipe in Christie’s table. This suddenly causes trouble between James and Christie since he thought she had taken it to use it for the competition. This does not look good in James’ eyes.

One of the things I really enjoy about Cookie Cutter Christmas is the lessons instilled in the core of the movie. Yes, we see some pretty bad rivalry going on but it shows the negative result of that. How that kind of competition can affect relationships and how if we don’t stop it and forgive it can affect our lives. And that being in that constant competition doesn’t let us be content with anything we do but we’re stuck comparing ourselves with what others have or have accomplished. This way we lose sight of what is truly important and all the great things we have.

Now if you want to know who wins the bake-off and what happens to Christie and James, you can find this sweet holiday movie in available for purchase!

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