Come Dance at my Wedding - DVD ImageThis Christian movie originally premiered in Hallmark Channel’s sister channel Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in 2009. Hallmark Channel movies tend to be about a man & woman meeting & falling in love and that’s great but I love how Hallmark Movies & Mysteries adds a bit of complexity to each story and the ending is occasionally presented in an unexpected way.

The Christian movie Come Dance at my Wedding is about Cyd, a woman who has recently lost her mother and is about to marry, Zach, her fiancée and high school sweetheart. Finding to sell her late mother’s dance studio, she is informed that her long-lost dad is actually co-owner, therefore, she looks to know who he is.

Tanner Gray & Andrea were both married once. They met 25 years before on a cruise where they both had jobs as dance instructors for passengers. There they met, fell in love with each other and decided to get married. But this “fairy tale” feeling died down quickly and after they were officially married, they each had different plans for their own future, which of course caused some conflict. Andrea, on one hand, wanted to stay in her hometown and run her family’s dance studio but on the other hand, Tanner wanted to go travel and see the world before choosing to settle down in a small hometown. The couple couldn’t come to an agreement so Tanner chose to travel and left Andrea to run her parent’s studio. Later after seeing the world and experiencing the adventures that he wanted to experience Tanner came back but Andrea had already moved on and informed him to not come back. So since that moment Tanner and Andrea had not spoken. In present time Tanner is notified of Andrea’s death and is also informed that he has a twenty-five-year-old daughter called Cyd. Tanner is extremely shocked after hearing this news.

Now that Cyd is about to get married she makes a decision regarding her mom’s dance studio and Zach, her fiancée agrees. She wants to sell it so she won’t have that worry of staying tied down because of that. But the detail that Cyd at first wasn’t aware of is that her mom had previously signed a document that made Tanner a co-owner, therefore, Cyd could not sell the studio without his consent. Later on in this Christian DVD, Cyd is introduced to her father and both are reunited.

As Tanner from Come Dance at my Wedding gets to interact more with his daughter, there’s some tension between him and Zach. Zach is very protective of Cyd since she didn’t have knowledge of having a father before to take that role of protecting her. He just wants to prevent her from getting hurt. Tanner considers their current situation somewhat awkward since he’s now considering himself a father and he’s unsure on where to start to begin having a relationship with Cyd. But it’s immediately known that Tanner’s intentions are good and he just wants to get along with Zach and construct a good relationship with his daughter.

Tanner continues to get to know Cyd from the Christian movie Come Dance at my Wedding and notices that the dance studio really means a lot to her. That even though she’s sure that she wants to sell, he knows that when she does, it will cause her sadness. The dance studio is basically what Cyd has left of her mother and Tanner is worried that selling it will be disappointing to her and will crush her dream. Zach continues with the viewpoint of selling it as he wants her to move forward and not hold onto the past. Also, he’s worried that she’ll get her heartbroken by the wan who was never involved in her life.

Even though Tanner was not present in her previous years, Cyd wants to get to know her dad and see what kind of relationship they can have. She doesn’t push him away since she’s very conscious that he didn’t know of her existence and that very fact is of great sadness to him. She’s sure that if he would’ve known of her since she was born, he would’ve done anything to be a part of her life.

The story of Come Dance at my Wedding is so beautiful and filled with lessons on forgiveness and redemption. You can find this Christian movie and other Love and Romance movies at the Fishflix store.

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