Christmas Miracle - DVD ImageNow that December has finally arrived and the Christmas season is here to be celebrated, I’ll mention more Christmas movies on the blog. Like this particular one!
Christmas Miracle is presented by Thomas Kinkade, the world famous painter considered “the Painter of Light”. This charming movie is about how a snow storm arrives in Summit View and 8 people are suddenly trapped inside an old church where they try to stay safe from the storm. Each person has their own situations and struggles but they have to join forces to survive.

We quickly notice that at the start of the film our characters are trying to work through their own problems and daily struggles. Like James, for instance, he is a former priest who does everything he can to forget the life he once lived and where he comes from. His child and wife both passed away after a horrible tragedy so James just wants to go forward in his life. Although he wants to move forward he doesn’t quite know how to do so after the tragedies that have marked his life so looking for a change is what makes him arrive at the town of Summit View. Since the holidays are fast approaching, James is daily reminded of how his family is no longer with him and can’t spend the beautiful holiday with them.

We also meet a man named Darryl, he’s a paramedic who truly desires to become a doctor. He truly wants to graduate from medical school and become a certified doctor. But his confidence is often challenged and doubt enters his mind because he struggles with dyslexia. So of course, he thinks that with his struggle with dyslexia it will be more difficult to achieve his dream of being a doctor. Darryl sees the challenge as an extremely difficult one so part of him wants to give up but also his desire to be more than just a paramedic looms in his mind. While being trapped because of the storm, Darryl is reassured that he needs to finish medical school and pursue what he’s always wanted.

Now in Christmas Miracle, the audience meets Drake and Madeleine. They are living in wealth and are considered high society but in the intimacy of their home, they both are struggling with their marriage and the fact of living together. They’ve lost what their marriage is about and their union is centered around money and only money. They’ve lost sight of the importance of their marriage. Later on, Drake and Madeleine meet a couple who just recently wed and quickly notice that even though they had their wedding recently, the couple bickers a lot over very little things. Madeleine and Drake notice that this newlywed couple and them share similarities in their marriage and arguments. This makes Drake and Madeleine reflect in their own marriage and while being stuck in the church building, slowly but surely a miracle begins to occur in their lives as they begin to communicate and forgive each other.

Christmas Miracle - DVD Image

Last but not least we meet Joe and Mary, a couple facing some hardships since they have a son with Autism named Matt. For the longest time, the couple has different points of view of how to parent their boy and this has caused many strife and tension around their home. All this disagreement has to go to the backburner when they hear that their son is missing. They, later on, figure that their son is headed to the church where they’re stuck at since he knew where they were going to be. So the parents urge the whole group to stay in different parts of the church and help spot him in time before the storm becomes very intense for him.

So everyone in the abandoned church building all come together to help this couple. Each of them not focusing on their own struggles and different troubles but focusing on this couple who desperately needed help to locate their treasured son. This, of course, serves as a reminder of how greatly important family is and that helping others is always a great thing to do. Christmas Miracle is very heartwarming and perfect for Christmastime viewing with the whole family. Not only do you have a beautiful story about the Holidays but it also offers themes that offer great lessons.

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