The snow is falling, the temperatures are dropping and what better company with this time of year than a wonderful, warm, family friendly movie like Christmas for a Dollar? Christmas for a Dollar is a story of a family who have lost their Mother, are trying to make it through the Great Depression with the little that they have, all the while trying to maintain hope for what is and what is to come.

The five children of the Kamp family are trying to pull through for their Dad and try to help the best that they can, so when Christmas time begins to approach they don’t put any expectation on receiving gifts. But, to their joyful surprise, their Dad has managed to save one dollar and shares his idea with them that they are to each draw the name of someone in the family and share this one dollar in purchasing or creating a gift for him or her this Christmas!

Watch and see how this young family finds ways to come up with the most meaningful gifts for their family with the little that they have to work with. You will see joy and service, sacrifice and growth as this family not only touches the lives of one another, but how their hearts and value in the true meaning of Christmas touch the lives of those around them, too.

Not everyone has the love of family surrounding them this Christmas season, but Christmas for a Dollar shows how one family can be family to others. Mrs. Rathborne (Nancy Stafford) is a mysterious woman in town that the only thing people know about her is that she is fierce, not to be reckoned with, but it is her horse that draws Norman Kamp to cross her path. And then there is Miss Mayfield (Heather Beers), the new school teacher who arrives with new ideas for woman and unfiltered support for the eldest Kamp daughter, Verna, to go to college. Each of these woman are alone and somewhat outsiders to this small town. But it is the Kamp family whose hearts are in the right place and in interesting ways, bring family to those without.

Christmas for a Dollar is a movie that brings in the Christmas spirit and the true meaning of Christmas. It is a movie full of examples of sacrifice and love. The perfect family friendly movie for the holidays!