Christmas Angel - DVD ImageIf you’re like me and you love Christmas this is a good movie to take the time to watch while in the anticipation of the Holidays. This Christian movie from PureFlix Entertainment is a great way to start the Christmas season. The story presented in Christmas Angel is very genuine and heartfelt. And one of the things that is very interesting to me is that it’s not just a Christian movie for adults to watch but it’s also a movie well made for kids as well. Apart from the story, the actors portraying these characters are well-known performers and it’s assured that they bring their acting A-game in the movie.

Christmas Angel is about a young girl who notices that many wishes that are made in front of an abandoned house begin to come true and she discovers that an isolated woman lives there.
In Christmas Angel, Olivia Mead is clever and spirited little girl and enjoys seeing that people are happy. She loves her mom Melinda, a single mother, (played by Teri Polo) who she is very, very similar to and has learned about how to be happy and her best self always from her.
Olivia is known to be a happy kid but the thing that she longs for more than anything else is a father. Lucas, her best friend, tells her to make a wish and throw a rock towards the window of the very known abandoned house next to Olivia’s and for sure it would come true. Having nothing to lose, Olivia makes a wish. Then another day she comes back and makes a wish for a friend from school but when that wish comes true, Olivia and her friends begin to believe with more certainty that the abandoned house is what’s making their wishes become real. Olivia later finds out that someone, in fact, lives in the house, a woman named Elsie Waybright (played by Della Reese), a retired singer. When Olivia sees a bright blue light coming from Elsie’s house, she starts to believe that the woman is a Christmas Angel.Christmas Angel - DVD Image

Wishes are coming true so this means that the house is filled with shattered windows. This doesn’t sit well with the property’s owner Dr. Nathan Davis (played by Kevin Sorbo). He is frustrated with how the property has become and he’s about to end everything about the Christmas Angel but he ends up meeting the house’s neighbor, Olivia’s mom, Melinda. Both Nathan and Melinda get to know each other and grow close. Now more than ever Olivia feels that her wish will come true but not really in the way she’d like.
Olivia and her friends grow accustomed to visiting Elsie and she takes the opportunity to teach them some pretty valuable lessons. Especially to trust God that He will answer their prayers even though if He answers them in a way they didn’t expect. Also, the kids begin to realize that God can use different vessels, different people to help them and meet their needs.

This Christian movie has many lessons to learn from or be reminded of. For example us the viewers can be reminded of that being of service to others and being generous to them can then become blessings not only for who is receiving it but to us as well. Also, a great reminder to us is that God always listens to our prayers and knows our desires, that even though we don’t hear an answer right away, we have to know that He is at work.

In Christmas Angel, we quickly notice that Elsie and Nathan occasionally haven’t been offered kindness very much so Olivia and her friends learn that those people are who may need more dedication and someone who is actually interested in listening to them. Another great lesson! Also, Olivia and her mom realize that they already have an amazing gift, having each other. This is a great lesson as well since sometimes we focus on what we don’t have and lose sight of what we do have and those people who are a constant in our lives.

Christmas Angel is a very heartfelt story and a perfection for your Christmas movies selection. If you haven’t seen Christmas Angel you can find this Christian movie here in alongside other great faith-based films.

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