I came across an article last night about the plight of Christians in Pakistan.   I had no idea that there were 3 million Christians in Pakistan, 40% of whom are Evangelicals.

The sad story however in this article is the reality that persecution against Christians has increased of late.

“They (the attackers) went door to door… asking if there were any Christians inside. When the terrified faces inside replied yes, they poured chemicals on the small, redbrick homes of Episcopalians and Evangelicals, setting them ablaze. In some cases, they didn’t bother with the question. Instead, they opened fire and hurled rocks, forcing families to flee in a panic — moments before fresh flames consumed their homes as well. …  the worst anti-Christian violence Pakistan has seen in recent years.”

45 homes burned and 9 dead.

Please read the whole article here. And pray.

I believe that as Western Christians, we need to be continually reminded of the plight of the persecuted Church.  We believe that one or our jobs here at FamilyChristianMovies.com is to INFORM.  We have a number of films that can inform you and your family about the persecuted Church and motivate prayer in your life for our brothers and sisters abroad.  Click on the images below to learn more about the products.


The Cross: Jesus in China – Tells the story of God’s great work amid great persecution in China.


Malatya: The story of the three Martyrs Killed in Turkey


A Cry From Iran:  Biography of an Iranian Pastor Killed for his faith


The Eastern Bride:  Takes you around the world informing you about the persecuted church.