The Movie Mom had a nice interview this week with Christian Hollywood actress Kerri Pomarolli.  It was very interesting as it gave an intimate look at the types of questions she wrestles with when deciding what types of films to be a part of.  As a Christian woman working in Hollywood, this must be no easy task.

Here’s a quote:

I don’t want to see things like sleeping around with no repercussions. But when you submit material that is consistent with my values you hear “there’s no vavoom to it” without sex and violence. And the audience responds. Look at the success of horror films. They think only that will sell tickets. So they say, “You need more sex,” “You need something to raise eyebrows.” But “The Passion of the Christ” raised eyebrows. You don’t have to do it their way to get an audience”

She also has some good insights about how the Christian community often votes for the status quo with their movie-going.  Read the whole interview at Movie Mom to hear all about that.

The article referenced a new documentary called “Hollywood on Fire.” Has anyone out there seen it?  Please tell us about it in the comments if so.  We’re thinking about picking it up and would love to hear responses from someone who’s seen it.