A recent study was done to examine the nature and vulnerable areas of 800 different Christian church youth groups in the United States. The study’s findings demonstrate the need for increased growth in the area of communication in youth groups. One thing is for certain, there needs to be improvement in the areas of outreach to those you are teenagers and still in church. Upon their introduction into adulthood, each person will inevitably need to find for themselves viable reasons and motives to believe what they believe. And contrary to popular belief, this is a very good thing. But coming into an understanding of adulthood is only good when one is properly equipped.


One of the best ways to communicate with the younger generation is through the medium of story. The following Christian films present engaging stories with vital life lessons that will equip youth to more adequately understand how to grow into adulthood properly.

How To Save a Life: After a tragic teen suicide shakes an entire community, a life-changing process allows one young man to more thoroughly come into the knowledge of the truth.

Blue Like Jazz: Donald is a young man who has, for the most part, done everything a good Christian would do. When his world is turned upside-down and his faith is thoroughly put into question, he must engage in questions he always thought he had the answers to.

Hardflip: A young man with a dream of skating his way into the rest of his life finds himself walking back to his roots where he must address the issues left by his absentee father.

New Hope: No young person wants to leave his friends in the middle of his senior year. But after that’s happened, Mike Evans picks up the pieces and attempts to go on with his life in the midst of bullies, romance, and all sorts of interesting obstacles.