An excellent addition to your Christian DVD collection, this Reformation documentary narrated by David Suchet focuses on Martin Luther and other Reformationists.

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On this episode of the Christian Movies podcast, we take a look at the Christian DVD collection “This Changed Everything”, a Documentary about the Reformation and Martin Luther. Narrated by David Suchet.

Welcome to The Christian Movie podcast. Every Wednesday we review a Christian film, informing you about the story, production quality, and family friendliness. Our goal is to bring you all the latest news and insights on Christian movies and recommend wholesome films for you to watch together as a family. I’m your host Noah Metzger and today we’ll be reviewing This Changed Everything: 500 Years of the Reformation, a powerful Christian documentary spotlighting the beginning of the Reformation with an emphasis on some of the founders like Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli

This Changed Everything celebrates the fruits of the Reformation while grappling with difficult questions about the legacy of Christian division. Clearly, the Medieval Church was in dire need of reform, but could complete schism have been avoided? Why does the Protestant movement continue to splinter into ever increasing factions? How should we think about our divisions in light of Jesus’ passionate prayer that his followers be “one?”

This Changed Everything traces the history of the Reformation beginning with Martin Luther. It goes on to feature the Reformation’s other key players including Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, Menno Simons, Thomas Cranmer, Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I and many more. Dozens of expert commentators representing a diverse cross section of the church add context and clarity while they explore what the Reformation means for us today.

This Changed Everything is releasing on DVD in 2016 and follows the history of the Reformation. The series contains three different DVDs with documentaries each an hour long, all of which help give a very helpful basis for the Reformation. Journey to a time when the church was becoming increasingly corrupt and a few small voices began to stand out and ignite change. If you would like to find out more or you would like to pre-order this movie, you can visit our website at The DVD will be available on our site very soon.

This series of DVDs was an interesting watch, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about an incredible time in history. While I have read about Martin Luther and heard the stories of some of the things that were going on in the church during this time, this DVD really lays it out clearly and helps provide a very clear understanding for what was happening during this time.

The collection features some incredible interviews with some knowledgeable professors and priests who have spent their lives studying the events of the 16th century. And now, as we enter into the 500th anniversary of the reformation, it’s time to look back and study the many great events that led us to this moment. The reformation was a hard fought for battle and people like Zwingli and Luther went through some incredible struggles to get what they wanted.

I found it really incredible to learn about the church at this time, and how they were basically selling forgiveness for sins. You could get redemption from your sins by paying physical money, which seemed unfair and even a little dishonest and greedy to people like Luther. He began to study the scriptures and when he couldn’t find anything in them that gave evidence for what the church was doing, he began to speak out against them. And this is what led him to post his 95 theses which became incredibly famous and influenced lives for centuries to come.

Documentaries can often be interpreted as dry or boring, or nothing more than education material with very little to hold your interest or encourage you to keep watching. However, I found the mix of a fascinating story, well-documented interviews, and high quality visuals to be enough to keep me not only interested but entertained. I found myself wanting to find out more, and I realize I’ve learned a lot from that documentary that I didn’t know from before I watched it. Everything in the film is high quality and has a fantastic production value, which is something I really appreciated. The set is well put together, and I think it was the right decision to break these documentaries up into different hour-long segments. It makes for a great study with a homeschool class, a Sunday school, or a small group.

Whatever the case may be that you’re looking to use this series, I would highly recommend you use this documentary series to learn more about the Reformation. Now with it being the 500th anniversary, there’s never a better time to learn more about it and add to your knowledge of the reformation and everything that transpired during this time. This is a high quality and well done documentary and I can safely say that I would highly recommend it.

Due to the nature of these documentaries, there’s really nothing to worry about content-wise here. It’s a pretty straightforward documentary, and while it does make mentions of people being executed or killed for their faith, nothing graphic or immoral is shown on screen.

This is a special episode as it marks the last podcast we will be producing for the time being. This has been a wonderful podcast to produce and I’ve really enjoyed hearing feedback from our listeners. It’s been encouraging to see the podcast grow over the past year we’ve been producing it, and hopefully we will return at a later date with new episodes. In the meantime, we have a backlog of over 55 Christian movie reviews, so if you’re looking for more films to watch as a family, you can check out our long list of recommended picks over on our podcast page. Thank you for listening, it’s been a wonderful experience.

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