We review a powerful film about the important of every life as we follow a young girl’s experiences at an abortion clinic. A wonderful pro-life film with a fantastic message!

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Welcome to The FishFlix.com Christian Movie podcast. Every Wednesday we review a Christian film, informing you about the story, production quality, and family friendliness. Our goal is to bring you all the latest news and insights on Christian movies and recommend wholesome films for you to watch together as a family. I’m your host Noah Metzger and today we’ll be reviewing Alison’s Choice.

Alison’s Choice released in 2015 and tells the story of a girl’s struggle over whether or not to go through with an abortion. If you’re interested in finding out more about this film after our review, it will be available soon on our website at www.fishflix.com.

When young Alison finds herself pregnant by a dead-beat boyfriend, she turns to abortion.  There in the clinic, as she waits for her name to be called, she encounters a cast of extraordinary characters; a flamboyant counselor, a suburban mom, a heart-weary receptionist, an inner city counterpart… And more than anyone, a gentle-faced janitor with mop “eternally” in hand. The two begin to talk and it quickly becomes clear he is no mere janitor, but the living God manifest – and He’s come to plead for the life of her baby.  With the clock ticking precious minutes away, it is a fight for life or death.

One issue that I have always said I’m most passionate about is the pro-life movement and the issue over abortion. It can be painted in a lot of different ways, and choosing not to abort can be explained as a choice of life, or as a limitation of an ancient religion. No matter how you feel about the issue, this film makes a powerful case for why every life matters and why it’s important to never give up on your child or take the easy way out. Alison’s choice is a movie with a very small scope, as the entire film takes place at the abortion clinic. But it accomplishes exactly what it needs to and does a good job at not getting lost in an overcomplicated film. The plot is clear and straightforward and something about the slower-paced, peaceful atmosphere of the film lends it a very encouraging air.

The standout role in this film is the janitor, played by Bruce Marchiano. With his quiet and compassionate attitude, he does a magnificent job of capturing a kind and loving father who truly cares for his children. There are some incredibly emotional scenes in the film where he breaks down in tears over the loss of millions of lives happening because of abortion, and it’s something that’s truly moving and heartbreaking.

I appreciated Alison’s Choice for not being a judgmental or condemning look at the issue of abortion. It doesn’t come across as hateful or angry over those who have had abortions. It simply gives its side for why abortion is wrong in a loving and caring manner. And it shows that God will always love you and he’ll always accept you with open arms. No matter the choices we’ve made, He will forgive us. And that’s what makes this film such a stand-out movie.

With a simple but meaningful story, this movie is one that will truly touch your life and it could even make for a great ministry tool to reach out to women who are considering having an abortion. I think this movie could be used in a variety of situations, and I highly suggest you check it out.

Because of the theme of this movie and how it’s entirely centered around the issue of abortion, we highly recommend you watch the film first and decide if it’s appropriate for your particular family. There’s some misuse of God’s name and obviously some thematic references concerning abortion and pregnancy, so we recommend you watch it first. We also like to follow The Dove Foundation which has given it a “faith-friendly” rating for ages 12 and over.

Now, we’d like to know what you think. Have you seen this movie and would like to let us know your thoughts? Maybe you’d like us to review a certain movie, or have a question or comment. Whatever your thoughts may be, we’d love to hear from you and we now have an email address. You can write your question, comment or suggestion to [email protected]. We’d really like to know your thoughts!

If you would like to find out more about Alison’s Choice, or would be interested in purchasing it, you can visit our website at www.fishflix.com. The DVD will be appearing on our site very soon. On our website, we have a vast assortment of Christian films you can learn about or purchase. We have a large collection, containing both classics and brand new movies that are just releasing, all at incredibly low prices.  Thank you for joining us, and as always, please be sure to stay tuned as we bring you more reviews every week on the FishFlix.com Christian movie podcast.