Christian media has been at the center of criticism, praise, and encouragement for quite some time now. Like with any form of media, the best (and pretty much only) way to improve it is to find what isn’t really portrayed as real within it. For example, I was watching a Christian film the other day where a drug dealer leaves his selling ways and comes to the Lord. But the issue was, he didn’t seem like a drug dealer at all! In fact, he seemed nicer and more sophisticated than most youth pastors I meet. So why are the bad guys in most Christian films not very convincing bad guys? In fact, our Christian criticism of the way Hollywood portrays Christians might not be so difficult to deliver if Christian media would indeed portray the world correctly for what it actually is. Fallen, yes. But cheesy? Absolutely not.

I understand that most Christian films are in existence for the sake of keeping families from witnessing inappropriate content. And that’s okay, I get that. I’m not going to be showing my kids any inappropriate films any time soon either. But, there is certainly a difference between condoning bad behavior and letting your child be aware of how he or she should handle the bad behavior of others in society. Because, society is rooted in bad behavior. Even society’s good behavior is usually motivated by the chance to indulge in bad behavior. Do we really want to send our kids out into that society long after they’ve left for college without making them aware of the fact that they are entering a culture war? Do we want them to go camping on their own without ever having been trained or even allowed outside of the house?

Introducing your child to a tree is not the same thing as crucifying him or her. For this reason, we in the Christian community may want to take another look at what we’re really doing to our children with the media we do and don’t allow them to watch.

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