Perhaps one of the best perks of being Adam in the Garden of Eden was that he got to see and name every single one of the animals. Can you imagine beholding Giraffes, Lions, and Sloths? The scenery must have been remarkable. It is this beauty of creation that Christian movies long to capture every time they involve animals. At, we have Christian films about animals your children are sure to love!

The Wild Stallion: Hanna and her friend CJ discover a wealthy man’s plan to rid a beautiful outdoor area of all its horses. They undergo an adventure in order to make sure the horses are left alone to enjoy nature the way God intended.

Second Chances: Sunny Matthews is a 10 year old girl who has just lost her father in a horrible car accident. Unable to walk without crutches, Sunny and her mother relocate to a ranch next door to former rodeo star, Ben Taylor. Sunny encounters the awe-inducing delight that comes from being surrounded by horses and discovers a horse named Ginger who relates to her more than she would initially imagine.

Healed by Grace: Riley Adam’s dancing career takes a major setback as she is injured before a national competition. She encounters a horse named Grace and beings the process of coming back to the dancing that she loves. When more challenges surface, Riley is forced to trust in God as his true plans seem to unfold.

Ace of Hearts: Dan Harding is one-half of a great police duo along with his dog, Ace. The busy life of a police officer unfortunately keeps Dan from being able to spend quality time with his wife and 13 year-old daughter. But when Ace is accused of a crime he didn’t commit, it’ll take the whole family to save him.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale: Based on a true story, Hachi tells the tale of Professor Parker Wilson (played by Golden Globe Winner Richard Gere) and how his life, and the lives of those in his town, are changed for the better when they welcome a new dog into their community.

My Friend Flicka: Based on Mary O’Hara’s celebrated novel, “My Friend Flicka” tells the story of Kenny McLaughlin and his desire to have a horse of his own. After getting a hold of Flicka, a wild yet beautiful horse, Kenny must prove he is capable of handling what may seem to be an untamable situation.

The Lassie Triple Feature: This 2 Disc, 3 film package includes three films about the classic beloved dog, Lassie. “Lassie Come Home,” “Son of Lassie,” and “Courage of Lassie” are all included in this triple feature.