Far more often than I would like, I hear the heresy (and it is indeed a heresy) that God does not really care too much about our romantic lives. Far too many people accept the foolish notion that God is simply tolerating every man and woman’s desire for romance. But upon inquiry of the Word of God and thankfully, many Christian Romance Films, one will find that when it comes to God being disinterested in romance and the relationship between a man and his wife, nothing could be further from the truth.

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, Christians have the opportunity to demonstrate the most beautiful affection for one another that will authentically differentiate between the world’s distorted rendition of love and the love that Jesus longs to have overflowing out of each of us who know him.

Here at Fishflix.com, we have a large selection of Christian Romance films that attempt to demonstrate the truth about marriage and what God intended for it to be. With a love as intense as Jesus’ love for his bride, men and women of God have the opportunity to witness to the rest of world without uttering a single word. A healthy marriage will teach children what spanks will not. A man who silently yet consistently honors his wife will demonstrate to his buddies what men’s conferences and retreats could never dream of even underestimating.

As our way of helping to encourage you to new heights in your marriage, we present the opportunity for you to enjoy our list of Christian Romance Films that uplift the most epic and divine romancer Himself, Jesus Christ.

Fireproof: Kirk Cameron plays a firefighter who has seemingly put out the fire in his marriage. Through a dramatic and thoroughly engaging series of events, the topic of marriage is addressed with solid truth.

Courage: A touching story of the power of family in the midst of today’s non-family-centered society.

Belle and the Beast: As with Adam in the Garden of Eden, Eric comes face to face with a beauty that demolishes all presuppositions he ever had about romance and relationship.

Hidden Places: based on Lynn Austin’s novel, Hidden Places tells a love-story worthy of witnessing through the duration of one’s date night on Valentine’s Day.

The Beautiful Beast: Isabelle is beautiful, but only on the outside. After meeting Jeremy, Isabelle undergoes influences that will teach her the beauty present within ones heart and the amazing potential one has access to through romance.

Bella: An international soccer star and struggling-to-make-it restaurant waitress fall in love as both of their lives are turned upside down.

Marriage Retreat: Several couples join together to enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday. As one would expect, the beautiful outdoors breed enough room for the issues in each marriage to surface.