Perhaps one mistake we’ve made in the United States is equating heroes of our own culture with our ultimate hero, Jesus. When I was growing up, Christian media constantly told about the greatness of God, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, certain politicians, certain pastors, etc. There’s certainly nothing wrong with admiring men and women who exemplify greatness, but there’s also everything wrong with attaching the credibility of a modern day American hero with the Son of God who saves humanity forever. The reason for this needed differentiation has manifested in most young lives today. When the great men we’ve admired fall from credibility, we are fashioned to question the validity of everything else we’ve admired as well, including God and his word.

Just about everywhere you look nowadays, it’s increasingly popular to question the existence of God and the events of the Bible in order to appear wise or intellectual. For this reason, the credibility of Christianity and Christian media benefits greatly from films like The Search for Noah’s Ark and The Search for Mount Sinai from The Bible Explorer Series.

These films investigate the claims of the Bible in regard to the events of the Old Testament and seek to provide legitimate scientific evidence for their actual occurrences. If you enjoy educational yet enthralling information about the crazy events of the Bible, The Bible Explorer Series is certainly one you won’t want to miss. offers both these titles on DVD. You can find them here!