You’ve taken your children to a park on a beautiful day. They’re playing while you’re enjoying the weather and watching them. Now imagine a person you’ve never met before approaches You and says, “Hey. You know what? Why don’t you take a break? Go find some Children’s Christian DVDs while I stay here alone with your kids and tell them all about myself. I’ll give them some advice on how they should live their life. Also, I’ll let them know what the other kids at school would love to see them wearing and doing in the near future. Go on, get yourself some frozen yogurt. I got this.”

Umm…how about no?

You’d never think twice about whether or not you’d allow a stranger to spend time alone with your children while you go on doubling up on double-chocolate chip and coffee flavored “yogurt” (You’re not fooling anyone, froyo).

It sounds so ridiculous, but how often are those strangers invited into the living rooms of our homes as we allow our children to watch just about whatever comes on the TV?

Chances are, this doesn’t describe You at all (hopefully). You probably know all about Children’s Christian DVDs and how necessary it is to monitor what your children are watching on TV. And just because one stranger showed up doesn’t mean You’d take your kids home from the park and tell them to never listen to any adult ever again. Likewise, keeping our kids from watching inappropriate media does not mean we want them to be ignorant of media altogether. For this reason, we at FishFlix have a large selection of Christian and Family-Friendly DVDs that propel the message you’re already familiar with and long for your children to know intimately as well.

Our List of Trust Christian Children’s DVDs:

The VeggieTales Series Watch as Your favorite vegetables portray the stories of the Bible with humor and easy-to-understand examples.

The Torchlighters Series Since the times of the Bible, different heroes of faith have risen up in order to take a stand for what the Bible teaches. Torchlighters DVDs tell these stories in dramatic fashion.

The Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible Series A straightforward animated account of each story of the Bible.

The Storyteller Café Series For even younger audiences: The Storyteller Cafe introduces the themes of the Bible to those who’ve never heard them before.

The HoopDogz Series For younger audiences: HoopDogz examine the commandments of the Bible with fun animated dogs who are particularly driven to enjoy basketball.

Iesodo: Believe This animated film tells the story of Jesus and his disciples through fun-loving birds.