As an adult with very young children, I don’t think about the trials and hardships that I went through as an adolescent and don’t always think about what today’s youth is currently going through. But as I try to remember it, I remember quite clearly the feeling of needing to fit in, needing to be accepted and not always feeling understood.

Camp Harlow is a movie that touches on all of those things and so many other issues that today’s youth are going through as they try to work through life and figure themselves out. As many of us may remember, fellow students may not have been nice to us or us nice to them. Alex (Aj Olson), the lead young girl in this Christian movie, is the girl that many young girls didn’t like, but wanted to be liked by. She was mean and completely self centered, concerned only for what she wanted. What was important to her was how she looked, having control over her friends and of course, the cute boy she had her eye on.

This Christian DVD shows how God can work in the lives of our youth and use them as amazing examples of redemption. Alex thought that she had control of her own life, or at least acted like it, so once she was invited to Camp Harlow by the boy she was crushing on, she thought for sure it was her that he wanted, but would later find out that it was God who he had and who he wanted to share.

Much to Alex’s surprise, Camp Harlow wasn’t just about boys and horses, but was a place where God was present, challenging her heart and bringing out what she was wrestling with on the inside, which was causing her to treat others so terribly. Within a week and much resistance, Alex’s life had been turned toward the Lord and her heart was opened. She went from causing hurt, to seeking forgiveness and bottom line, sharing the new life that she had in the Lord.

If you can remember what it was like for you to go through your adolescent years and think of those who currently are going through them, share with them Camp Harlow. It is a Christian movie that all adolescents can resonate with. It is a story that will challenge them, teach them and show them that even our youth can share and give example to the life we have in Christ.