Creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer has once again created a highly entertaining, yet densely informative way to teach about the Bible.

Buck Denver asks, What’s In The Bible (In the Beginning) is part one to a three part series of DVDs that uses puppets and the creator himself to teach the viewer about what is in the Bible and how the Bible came to be written. The information is given through means of humor but the truth of the Bible is very clear. Layers of history are also given to help explain how the Bible was written and put together, which also helps understand the true meaning of things. It is explained why certain words were used for certain things and how contextual culture influenced the Bible, too.

For example, it unpacked that the meaning of testament means promise. The Old Testament refers to the old promise and the New Testament refers to the new promise. Simple example, but it speaks volumes to understanding the Bible.

To be honest, the information is so dense and so deep I was having a hard time thinking of an appropriate age group for this series. But the reality is, it’s perfect for any age, including a child as young as three up to adults! The puppets and the humor keep the attention of the young and the powerful information given holds the attention of the rest of us!

Buck Dever asks, What’s In The Bible highlights several things that you may not have known before but are so helpful once you learn them. It was so interesting and taught me so much! You might be surprised to hear that coming from a hilarious DVD involving puppets! But everything that was taught is so helpful that I am anxious to watch the next part of the series, Buck Denver asks What’s in the Bible (Let My People Go)!