Bridal Wave - DVD ImageI really enjoy this Christian movie a lot! I’ve seen both main actors, Arielle Kebbel & Andrew Walker on other projects that they’ve done with the Hallmark Channel and I really enjoy their work.

Bridal Wave is about a woman who goes to a resort to get ready to get married to her fiancée, while she waits for him, she meets a local named Luke which makes her doubt her feelings and future wedding plans.

At the beginning of this Christian DVD we meet Georgie Dwyer (played by Arielle Kebbel), a woman who is very sure of what her future is going to be and look like. Everything is planned and well thought out. She is a nurse and really enjoys what she does. There at work she meets doctor Philip Hamilton (played by David Hadyn-Jones), a man who seems to be the perfect catch. He’s handsome, he has a secured future, doesn’t have any kind of financial difficulty, he’s smart, just basically a jack of all trades. Georgie’s loving her life and believes everything is as it should be.

Even though her relationship with Philip is smooth sailing, this is not the case with Philip’s family. His mom Felice (played by Jaclyn Smith) is quite difficult for Georgie to handle and the woman doesn’t believe Georgie is the perfect fit for her son. She believes Georgie doesn’t come from money nor does she have anything to her name therefore she thinks Philip can find a better woman to become his wife. But even though all of this is surrounding the couple, Philip and Georgie become engaged and begin planning their wedding.

Felice and Philip from Bridal Wave quickly envision a large wedding with all the glitz and glamour but that’s not quite the idea Georgie had in mind for her own wedding. She prefers something on a smaller scale and somewhat quieter but she doesn’t have a choice but to go with the flow regarding her fiancée and mother-in-law’s plans.

The wedding will be in a resort and Georgie arrives there earlier to continue to plan everything. But now that she’s there, Georgie is beginning to feel scared of the decision she made to get married. In her mind there’s some doubt about if she really loves Philip and wonders if it’s the right thing for her to do, if she made the right choice. Of course, she assumes she loves him but she doesn’t want the financial security aspect or having a stable future to blind her into making a decision.

The wedding is getting closer and closer and now both her mom Emma and Philip’s mother Felice are at the resort and are stressing Georgie out. They both want to know all the details of what’s going on at the wedding but also they want to take over in the whole planning. This is not all, Felice is still not happy of her son’s decision to marry Georgie so she continues to make her feel like she’s not enough and that she’ll never fit in into the family.

Bridal Wave - DVD Image

Georgie from the Christian movie Bridal Wave suddenly can’t take it anymore and wants to take a break from all the planning and wedding ceremony, to take some time and relax, or at least try to. Because of this she meets Luke, a handsome local who quickly hits it off with Georgie. They both begin to know each other and form a quick friendship. Luke somehow knows how to interact with her and she can’t help but feel some kind of a connection towards him. She just met this guy and has known him for some hours but he has become a really good friend to her. As she gets to know Luke more, the more she doubts her relationship with Philip and her decision to marry him. Georgie has to come to terms with her true feelings and listen to her heart. Philip is a safe choice, he assures her security in a financial aspect that is but that’s what he only seems to offer her. Now Luke seems to understand who she is and nows her heart in the short amount of time he’s known her.

What will Georgie do? Who will she choose? You’d have to see Bridal Wave and find out! You can find this Christian movie and other Christian DVDs considered Hallmark’s Best at the Fishflix store.

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