Coming out October 7th, 2014 is the third installment of the Revelation Road saga, Black Rider: Revolution Road.

In this installment, the rapture has already happened and what remains are gloomy, volatile conditions for the people left behind. Food and medicine are scarce and those in charge are violent and demanding. Conditions are miserable and what happens next is always unknown. With these conditions, Black Rider: Revelation Road is an action packed, suspenseful DVD including quite a bit of death and violence, much of what one might expect post rapture.

Actor David A.R. White plays John McManus, the man with undeniable fighting skills and a conviction of faith and doing what is right. However, John McManus is also the man who is forced on a journey to find the “Shepherd” (Robert Gossett), a mystery man who is rumored to be a prophet but thought maybe to be a cult leader or someone to be threatened by. This journey puts him in numerous situations that make it difficult to do what is right. True tests of faith and a testimony to those witnessing.

Accompanying John McManus is a young woman named Sofia (Hilty Bowen) who is on a search of her own. The two of them work together to overcome several dangerous obstacles along the way to an unknown location (where is this mysterious “Shepherd”) with an unknown situation once they get there. Nothing is certain, nothing is a guarantee. And it is through this that the Truth is shared with Sofia and the hope that comes with it. Sofia did not know the way of Jesus before meeting John McManus, but could see that he listened to somebody other than those she could see.

Black Rider: Revelation Road is a DVD with suspense and action. Admittedly, although violent, action packed DVDs aren’t my favorite, I understand that they are for others and can see how Black Rider: Revelation Road would be a DVD that they would watch over and over. There is a lot going on in this DVD- it’s memorable and impactful. Due to the violence, not a DVD for everyone, but a great watch for the appropriate age and for those who may need to hear the truth in the Gospel.