Nowadays there are so many different family compositions, where one child may have both parents and grandparents in the home, where another child may just one parent in the home. Birdie and Bogey is a family movie where the twelve year old girl called Birdie (Amanda Alch), had only her father Danny (Mike Norris) at home.

Danny and Birdie had both been hurt by the abandonment of his wife and her mother, but they had each other and each other was all that they needed- well that and the game of golf! Birdie had been taught by her father all the skills that she needed to be one of the best golfers of her age! She was not proud of herself for her accomplishments, but of her Dad who she thought to be the best golfer that had ever played! The problem was, he had stopped playing golf with no intention of playing again. However, in Birdie & Bogey you see how a daughter can truly influence the life of her father!

Birdie and Bogey shows how a young girl puts others before herself and proves that the love and encouragement of family and friends shows what is also found in faith. Birdie and her father’s friend Amy (Janine Turner) help Danny get through past failure and to reenter the game of golf. Just as this takes off, an unexpected emergency occurs and  Birdie and Danny rely fully on their faith and the strong father/daughter relationship that they have.

Birdie & Bogey is a great family entertaining DVD, perfect for children of all ages! A story of hope, determination, friendship and the bond that is eternal. Watch here for a clip:  Birdie & Bogey