Do you want to see an action packed movie with a message so powerful you can’t help but be shaken? Beyond the Mask is the movie for you!

Out in select theaters June 5th, Beyond the Mask is a movie about a solider who is willing to do whatever he is told to do, even if that means horrible, vicious things that would make anyone run in fear. But what this soldier doesn’t realize is that he isn’t as powerful and vicious as he and others might think.

Things change for this soldier and control of his life quickly escapes him and he is put in a position where he is at the grace and mercy of others, at the grace and mercy of God Himself. Having the knowledge of God’s love and grace, but more importantly, the experience of it in his own life, the soldier can’t imagine anything else than to work towards finding redemption and making things right.

Once again, the soldier learns that this isn’t something that he can do on his own, and he doesn’t have to. God is the source or redemption Though the road is tough and the obstacles abundant, watch in Beyond the Mask as this solider fights through each of these obstacles, now with the power of God on his side.

Watch the exciting, action packed trailer: Beyond the mask