Beverly Lewis' ConfessionBeverly Lewis’ The Confession

Recently I discovered this film and the series that it’s a part of. This series of movies mostly known as “The Shunning film series” is inspired by the books of best-selling author Beverly Lewis. Till now there have been three movies, The Shunning, The Confession and The Reckoning. Originally these films have been released in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. I first learned about this film series, especially The Confession because of its lead actress Katie Leclerc. I had seen previous projects that she’d been involved in and always liked her acting. So when I found about this project I just had to see it plus knowing that Michael Landon Jr. and Brian Bird (both parts of the successful Hallmark Channel series When Calls the Heart) were involved made me sure I was going to enjoy it. I have to say that personally, The Confession is my favorite of the series.

To tell you more about the film, Beverly Lewis’ The Confession is about Katie Lapp, a young Amish woman who wants to learn about her identity but in doing so ends up in the middle of a mystery that has to be resolved before she can meet her birth mother who gave her up for adoption. In the first film, The Shunning, Katie is suddenly shunned from her Amish community which she has grown up in and known all her life. Now in The Confession, Katie is out in the world, an unknown modern world. She has this desire to associate again with her birth mom. Katie’s birth mother, Laura Bennett (played by Sherry Stringfield), is, in fact, an upper-class socialite who sadly is diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer.

This news comes as frustrating news to her husband, Dylan but not for the correct reasons though. It appears to be that he’s more interested in her money since he has to continue to irresponsibly gamble away all the money that has been given to him. Because of his constant recklessness with money, Laura decides that after she passes away, the majority of her money will be given towards a foundation that helps to need kids. Because of that decision, Dylan knows very well that he will be left with very little money which does not sit well with him. When he hears that his wife’s daughter is set out to visit, in fear of losing more of his wife’s money and being left out of her will, he creates a horrible scheme and hires an actress in need of money to pass as Katie. He creates this in hope to secure his wife’s estate and money before she passes on while giving some of the money to the young actress helping him.

As Katie arrives at her mother’s home, she is confused as the new maid and soon realizes someone has taken her place. So now the hopes of formally meeting her mother have gone up in smoke. As Katie spends time in the house as the maid she develops a great relationship with Laura but it’s certainly not in the way that she’d like. Both of them share a strong bond and share a lovely friendship with great talks. As each day passes it’s even more difficult for Katie to watch her mother with the “other Katie” and feels that she can’t reveal her true identity. She has to maintain her role as “maid” until the time is right. Finding that right moment just when her mother is gravely ill is the challenge. Katie feels that if she tells the truth to her mother she would affect her health even more and she didn’t want to cause more harm towards Laura. But Katie still feels the need to tell her mom and the tension rises in the home. Laura is about to sign her will and give her estate to Katie but will she give it to the right one?

If you’re reading this I’ll leave it at that not to spoil how the film ends and lead you to find The Confession here in and purchase it. I’ve seen the film many, many times and I always immerse myself in its storyline and root for the real Katie Lapp to be recognized as her mother’s daughter. The Confession maintains God in its narrative and that’s one of my favorite aspects from this film.

Here are the other films from “The Shunning series”. You can watch each of these movies independently but I recommend for you to see the three movies so you see the wonderful evolution of the main character, Katie

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