I was asked recently on our Facebook page if there are any specific Christian movies that I’d recommend to a confirmation class for 7th – 9th Graders. The instructor said that she’s open to a variety of movies; some with wholesome values and some educational – they’re studying the New Testament this year.

A quick survey of our stock brought me to the following (biased) recommendations.

For a deep and soul searching quest to answer one of the hard questions of the faith, I’d recommend UNSTOPPABLE with Kirk Cameron – a teaching documentary dealing with the question of why God allows bad things to happen to good people.

For a reliable reenactment of the New Testament events, I’d recommend the Visual Bible Series – the Books of Matthew, Acts and John are all portrayed as word for word renditions of the Biblical texts.

Two feature films with deep lessons that focus around life in High School, but are appropriate for Junior Highers are Facing the Giants (about a High School football team) and Amazing Love (takes place on a youth group camping trip.)

A film that will encourage young people to stand up for their faith is Come What May.

A 4-part Teaching series for teens that will challenge them to live as Followers of Jesus rather than fans on the sidelines is “Not A Fan – Teen Edition

The Lee Strobel 3- DVD set contains A Case for Faith, The Case for Christ and Case for a Creator. This series can help address the doubts that young people often have about the claims of Christ and the truthfulness of the Bible.

This list for a Lutheran confirmation class would be incomplete without mentioning the epic reenactment of Martin Luther’s life in the major motion picture Luther. Although it’s now a decade old, this film is still an outstanding picture of one of the true heroes of the faith standing up for truth in the face of government and church persecution.