Growing up in difficult circumstances seems to be a prerequisite for greatness nowadays. But the glitz and glamour of Hollywood rags to riches stories go from poverty to greatness in a matter of hours rather than honestly portraying the toilsome number of years it actually takes to get from a place of depravity to reverse gravity. For Ben Carson, childhood looked much different than it should have. He endured horrific times all the while dreaming of becoming educated and helping those who need it.

In Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, Cuba Gooding Jr. brilliantly portrays Ben Carson as he endures a quest for becoming educated and certified as a cardiac surgeon. The Doctor life seemed to be the only life for Ben as he overcame his own anger problems and chose to be the masculine figure he rarely saw portrayed in front of him for his own life. In the same tradition of Ben’s story, there are also several films about others who have endured hardship in order to achieve greatness.

Mother Theresa: Desperate to help children who had been seen as outcasts in her society, Mother Theresa loved desperately each and every day of her life without ever asking for anything in return. Hers was a struggle of mundane tasks in the midst of great sadness and mourning over the lives of those she touched. Her impact rings true today years after she died.

Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace: Having decided to give his life to Christ, Dietrich Bonhoeffer championed the efforts to keep the church in Germany pure and lead an effort to assassinate Adolf Hitler which eventually led to his martyrdom.

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