I came across John’s blog a few weeks ago. He was very impressed with one of our films, Bella. You can check out his article here. I haven’t gotten a watch Bella yet, so I thought I’d pick his brain a little to see what he loved so much.

John, you seemed to absolutely LOVE Bella. Without giving away too much of the plot, could you explain an image or a scene in the film that really impacted you?

The opening scene grabbed my wife and I right away. The main character was sitting on the beach watching a young girl play on the beach but he was somber as he watched her. We were immediately drawn to the burden he was carrying.

What drew you to this film in the first place?

I had heard it was another pro-life movie among several that had come out recently. So I put it on my to-watch list and forgot about it. I wish I had moved it to the top of my queue earlier.

Now, if I understand correctly, this isn’t an expressly Christian film. What do you think draws Christians to this film?

It is expressly Christian without being an uncreative Afterschool Special. The main character is a Christ figure who has the long hair and beard of what we typically picture Jesus looking like. The images are abundant in the movie without sermons. It lives the gospel without telling it.

Was there a specific way that God spoke to YOU through this film?

It got us thinking about adoption as another way to fight abortion. But we haven’t moved past the thinking stage.

Finally, John, would you tell us a little about yourself and why someone might want to visit your blog?

As it says in my sidebar, I’m a Christian father of three who helps my wonderful wife homeschool out three children when I’m not at work practicing biology in a pharmaceutical company. I’m average. But I see so many lies and misrepresentations of Jesus and the church and I needed a place to share my frustrations and offer solutions. The UmBlog is where I comment on the church, the world, and their interaction. Cinema and literature reviews are some ways I do that. I also look at the church’s interaction with the world through history. Our culture of death deeply concerns me so I frequently write about pro-life issues as well. Thanks for asking.

Thanks for your thoughts John. Don’t forget to visit his blog to read the rest of his thoughts on Bella.

You are welcome