Based on a true story of Jim Keith, coach of The Lady Cyclones.

Believe in Me– DVD A young couple moves to a small town excited for the new position that the man, Clay Driscoll (Jeffrey Donovan, Hitch) would be taking as the new boys high school basketball coach. Unfamiliar with small town politics and expectations, Driscoll arrives ready for work when he is welcomed with rude staff and an unexpected turn of events.

Driscoll was told that he was not to be the boys basketball coach, but the girls! Upset by the news and feelings of being undervalued, Driscoll’s first inclination was to refuse the position. But after realizing that it was the only position he was able to have, he took it with a hesitant heart and not the slightest clue what this position was about to bring upon him.

You fall in the love with Clay Driscoll and his wife Jean (Samantha Mathis) as she steps into place to encourage him and teach him about the ways of a girl, especially the ways of small town girls. She helps open his eyes to see what these girls are capable of- if they were coached right.

Unfortunately, soon after Driscoll puts into action the thoughts and ideas that his wife shares, he faces more challenges than just coaching basketball. The ideas of the towns people, the families of the girls but most of all the ideology of the school board President Ellis Brawley (Oscar nominee Bruce Dern, Coming Home) become the biggest challenges to overcome of them all.

Overcoming these challenges in addition to woman inequality, abusive families, and favoritism for the men’s basketball team, become what brings this team together. The girls see that their coach believes in them, which empowers them to believe in themselves. Together they stick up for what is right, no matter what is at stake and come together and fight until the end.

Believe in Me is a great family DVD to enjoy together as you see how the unexpected takes a turn for the best! It’s uplifting and encouraging as you cheer alongside the girls and want the best for them as you too believe in them! The edited CBA version is available at!