Guest Post by R.J. Vickers
The upcoming documentary film “Back to Bawku” tells the story of Sidney Goodwin – a missionary who died tragically in Africa in the early 1960s. Sidney was the son of two career missionaries who spent part of his childhood overseas in Ghana, where his parents ministered. As an adult, Sidney decided to become a missionary himself, and in the fall of 1962, he, his wife, and his three-year-old daughter set sail for Ghana. Unbeknownst to Sidney and his family, tragedy awaited them. He would perish less than two months after arriving.

Fifty years later, a commemorative service is being held at a church near Sidney’s gravesite. Several members of Sidney’s family are journeying back to Bawku, including myself. My name is R.J. Vickers, and I am the director and producer behind the film. Sidney Goodwin was my great-uncle, whom I never had the pleasure of meeting. This film will tell Sidney’s story, and it also will inspect the mindset of a missionary and try to understand what it is that makes a missionary decide to move across the globe to a foreign land.

In order to produce this film, I have starter a fundraiser via ( The goal for the fundraiser is $6,000 – which is actually a very modest budget in the filmmaking world. This will provide for the camera and equipment needed to make this film happen.

“Back to Bawku” will bear some similarities to the documentary film “Beyond The Gates Of Splendor” . Both films are “Missions Movies”, and they both tell how God was able to take a horrible situation and transform it into something truly inspiring. They both remind us that God always has a plan and that we should always stay strong in our faith – no matter what.

“Back to Bawku” is a personal project of mine – I am devoting myself to working on this film and I am determined to do everything humanly possible to see it succeed. But I cannot do it alone. I am trusting in God to provide for this film and I am asking any who are able to please contribute. The fundraiser uses an “all or nothing” system, which means that if $6,000 is not raised by the June 28th deadline, “Back to Bawku” will not be funded.

Please help me tell Sid’s story – either with pledges or prayer. Both are mightily appreciated. Thank you and God Bless.

Don’t forget to visit our Kickstarter page to watch a short video where I share my heart for this project.

-R.J. Vickers