Christian Movies: Romance Videos

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What kind of movies did you grow up on as a kid? Did you watch a lot of Christian videos? Personally, I grew up watching The Gospel Bill show.  The Gospel Bill show featured Pastor Willie George. It also featured Ken Blount. It included Jeff Merrill.  it included Lana Osborne.  and it included  Rodney Lynch.  of course these were not the characters, these were their actual names. The character names were Gospel Bill, Nicodemus, Elmer,  Miss Lana and Cornpone.The Setting for the show  is in a small western town. The actual taping of the show was an indoor location! As a kid you don’t really think about it, but if you go back and watch it as an adult you will notice that there was nothing realistic about the set.  even still, it is a great show and a great family show to watch. If you are looking for a suggestion for family shows, this is a great one! if you would like to purchase Christian videos today, you need to look at fish  they offer an amazing variety of Christian films to purchase!

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Christian Movies: Classic Videos

This Content Was Written For Fish Flix

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