Christian Movies: Romance Movies
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Did you grow up in a home that watched a lot of Christian movies? As a
kid did you grow up watching Veggie Tales? Did you know that the
same creators of VeggieTales also created a show called 3-2-
Penguins? the show 3-2-1 Penguins was about a group of penguins
who were also astronauts. They would fly through space fixing
problems. While they were fixing problems they would be teaching kids
lessons. There was also a little boy on the show named Jason. It was a
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You ever seen the Mel Gibson film The Passion of the Christ? The
Passion of the Christ was the top rated Christian movie to purchase a
couple years ago! It is an amazing film that is very realistic! it show
the entire story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Even if you
don’t believe in Jesus, it is a cool movie to watch! The details of the
movie are incredible! The angles that some of the shots were taken at
help to make you feel like you are right there! All of the special effect
were awesome! Many movies depict Jesus as being weak and

but not this one! Mel Gibson did a great job with this film!
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Christian Movies: Bible Movies
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do you want to teach your kids more about the Bible, but they do not
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They can learn about Moses. They can learn about Joseph. They can
learn about Jesus. They can learn about Noah. They can learn about
Jonah. They can learn about Elijah. There are so many different ones to
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Are your kids a little? Do you want to teach them about the Bible but
they are not very old yet? A great way to teach them is through
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Veggie Tales series on there! VeggieTales is a show that is hosted by
Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. They teach kids Bible verses,
and bible stories! They teach them in a modern way so that kids are not
bored! If your kid has a short attention span, you should purchase
VeggieTales for them to watch! They will be so glad!
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