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And the next time you’re looking for some great Christian movies online you’re going to want to get over to Chris to flicks dot com where they have a wonderful selection of church history movies. So whether you’re looking for you know a diary of revival a nation adrift something from the pilgrims era something even after the death of Christ you’re going to find all the history movies right here laid out for you. You know these are a great set of books you’re going to be able to see. You know Dietrich Bonhoeffer memories and perspectives from the Nazi lifestyle you know which is kind of interesting to see a great number of things from C.S. Lewis here William Carey. So you know if these are things that seem interesting to you and you want to look at where to find movies that will take you along in the course of Christian history this is where you’re going to want to find a map. Fish flicks dotcom. These movies are rich in advance the characters of the heritage of the Christian faith are showcased right here and these wonderful DVDs at all time low prices. They are you can explore Martin Luther John Wesley the Amish and so much more right here in the wonderful Christian history movies section on fish flicks dot com you’ll be able to click in there you can also go to alphabetically organize them in a to z.
And if you haven’t signed up for the newsletter already you’re going to get a 10 percent discount just for signing up to the newsletter and you can log in from that point on and get specials and deals that we may offer to customers so feel free if it’s something that you think you may utilize quite often get a membership. It’s definitely worth it. Are you looking for Christian movies will look no further than fish flicks dotcom. Are you going to get a great variety right here at your fingertips online now if you’re looking for something in the Easter movies section. Well we have a wonderful Easter movie section with a lot of Easter movies about the birth of Christ so it’s a great spot to check that out whether you’re looking for the you know the case of Christ the film the case for a creator my son the Savior risen. The you know Blu ray edition there this is where you’re going to see them add a great section all laid out for Christian individuals to find wholesome DVDs right here for their family to enjoy and love. They also have the wonderful. Apostle Peter the last supper Blu ray which is a wonderful movie if you haven’t seen it by. You know for ages 12 and up. So you know maybe your older kids get them a chance. Now it is set in Rome 1867 where two jailers at the ancient maritime prison took custody of the famous criminal. He is Simon Peter of Galilee apostle disciple and a personal friend of Jesus also called the Christ and condemned to death. So if you’re looking to share in stories such as that you’re going to want to check out the wonderful Easter movie section when you get all your Easter movies at this flicks dotcom because the best Easter movies on DVD are right here. You can also get free shipping at Facebook’s dot com. If you spend over $40 or so go. How many why aren’t. You getting Easter movies this year.
And really do more than just hunt eggs share real messes with the family with the wonderful Easter movie collection right here on fish flicks dot com that’s fish flicks with an x. Folks are you looking for a great Christian movie for the family to experience and love. Well look no further than right here at. Fish flicks dot com where you’re going to see a great variety of different Christian movies right here at your fingertips and it gives you the ability to go through a number of different categories and find you know the ones that are going to work for you. So if you’re looking for a Christian comedy Well they have quite a wide variety of movies here such as Tim Hawkins Martin dungaree Kim Davis Brad Stein and many more. You can be joyful with these clean Christian comedy movies on DVD based flicks where clean family friendly humor and comedy for the whole family is our go. Now if you’ve you know seen some of these Christian movies you may have heard of the apostles of comedy kind of like the you know blue collar tour but just. Christian so you can get ready for laughter of a higher power. The great group of guys Jeff Allen Brownstein and Anthony Griffith run Pearson. So you’re going to be able to check them out here. There really is a void out there of comedy that is uplifting and you know this film features quality comedy that is not dumbed down at all. But it’s also something the entire family can enjoy because it’s culturally clean and it comes from a soul of our country right now. And while we may not win every battle hopefully quality projects like this will stand up against any secular counterpart out there. So that was you know the words of.
Ron Pearson one of the comedians on the Apostle of comedy movies if he ever had a chance to check out these guys they’re hilarious. Please check them out at this flick stop. Start out with one to get one movie I guarantee here with the free shipping you’re going to want to get more. You might as well stock up folks right here at fish Flick’s dot com the best place online to go for Christian movies of great quality and a great discounted price where you’re not going to feel like you have to pay and large amount for a the message of God to be able to be brought to your home. Fish flicks