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Now the cool thing too is that these prices are I mean slashed almost in half. You’re not paying 8:31 you’re not paying 1999 not even 16 99. No not even 14. You’re paying seven 97 for this Blu ray edition of end of the spear. A great program where director Jim Hansen gives a wonderful view of how they dare to make contact with the world. In the end of the spear Please take a look at some of these great movies and see why they are so gripping. Now this particular movie of the spear is a true story set back in 1956 it shook the world five missionaries set out and went to while. People of Ecuador and were fatally speared to death. This is the story of them and what they had to go through to bring the message of God down to the village of Ecuador and it’s directed by Jim haning and it’s a great film. Have you ever had a chance to see that they offer that here. It’s 7:00 on the 7th so great price on Blu rays.Out Christian movies online will look no further than fish flicks. Dot com that’s fiss flicks with an axe where you’re going to be able to find the internet’s best variety of Christian movies all laid out and easy to use comprehensive Web site of categories where you can search or look for any number of things. Just wonder less movies music videos Fox Faith sports film church history or Christian calmy movies. Any one of those you’ll be able to find here. Now if you haven’t checked this out before I want to just give us a call and kind of see what we’re about. Talk to us on the phone. You can do that at 9 1 8 4 8 1 9 9 9 9 extension 1. You can visit us in person at 105 self-communion street sweep 5 in mora Minnesota.
And if you just want to go online you can go to fish Flick’s dotcom that’s fish flicks with an axe once again. And you know really to see a great new Web site where Christian and like minded people get together to bring that wholesome the message of God and his concepts right home to your family all with free shipping. And you can get all of that right here on line. The first time you sign up you’re going to get an extra 10 percent off so you never give me you know give you a little jump as well on what you already have off by the great prices and.
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There’s a number of different bible verses online as well so when you come you’re going to be able to see a lot of inspiring words right here on the Web site. Such as. And whatever you do whether in word or deed do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus giving thanks to God the Father through him.
Colossians 3:17 so great. Some material fish Flixton come check it out folks.Are you looking for great Christian movies that are going to inspire your family to do good and search that message of God. Are you looking to give the kids a great. Set of principles to grow their life upon. Well we can help facilitate that right here at fish flics dot com where we have a wonderful and probably one of the largest varieties of children’s and kids Christian movies on the Internet. You’re going to be able to see all of this right here at your fingertips where you can go through a comprehensive set of. Categories and find the best movie for your child and what they’re looking for. Now I can say there’s a ton of really cool ones on here. And the children’s section itself is really set up because children are so important and that’s really why you will find so much for them in the children’s Christian movie section here. Good clean family entertainment that both teaches your children and entertains them with classic DVDs that they will share with their children whether it’s a life lesson in Veggie Tales or a story of imagination in Narnia. You’ll find it all here. So please come and check out the wonderful selection of children’s movies that we have right here at your fingertips. Now a lot of them could even be on sale. You see that there’s a wide variety there around $5 even so if you you know are looking to save some money get some great DVDs. You know for the kids that they can really love and appreciate for years to come you’re going to definitely want to come to fish for eggs.
Where we not only give great entertainment in movies but we bring families together with inspiration from God’s message that we are supplying the world at great prices for free shipping. Please check out fish flakes dot com. If you’re looking for great Christian movies right here online you’re going to want to go no further than fish flakes where they have a great variety of Christian movies right here at your fingertips. And we’re going to be able to receive free shipping on anything over $40 10 percent off the first time you sign up for their newsletter. So it’s a no brainer folks if you’re looking for great wholesome entertainment for your family right here on your finger tips a finger tips online.
You’re going to want to hurry up and get over to fish flakes dot com where they have the best selection online of Christian movies that you can. Purchase at a wonderful price. Now whether you’re looking for a sports film or a biblical movie you’re going to find it here. Now the biblical movie section is a wonderful section where they have a lot about the heart and soul of Christian faith where you will find videos on all the characters of the Bible from Abraham to the Apostle Paul and from the birth of Christ or the death of Christ. You’ll find the DVD that you’re looking for right here and Bible movies it’s the very core of what we do and promote with your movies that will teach us the Bible that will bring us biblical characters and stories to life. These are the Christian movies. Fast Felix is so passionate. So this is a full section of just biblical movies things about the Bible. They have a great section here from Denver asking what’s in the Bible which is a great program where you really get a chance to hear those bible stories in a fun great manner so your kids can find a way to follow along and not feel left out. So if you’re wanting to teach them those biblical movie you know the stories of the Bible and really give them a knowledge of the things that happened you will definitely want to check out the Bible section of the fish Flick’s dot com Web site that’s fish flics with the next dot com.