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And that’s a great film too Philippe for a large so wonderful director it’s a movie produced by Ron Howard and directed by Philip Philippe. It was released in 2014. So Ron Howard Reese Witherspoon and Kerry playing Carrie Davis. You know I don’t think you can get much better than that. She’s a determined young woman who lives herself and is asked to help three siblings from Sudan find jobs in America. So you know Christian movies about that process and then about you know them coming over here and how it was when they first came over what better you know Christian movies then right here. The good lie has a well-chosen cast and features an incredible combination of retailers and Ron Howard together working to create a powerful moving movie. They follow the story of Carrie Davis as she’s met with those three siblings in Sudan and they have to get to a refugee camp. You know it’s very emotional. The film was also met with positive ratings and earned itself an 87 percent on popular movie critic websites rotten tomatoes. So you probably heard of Rotten Tomatoes a story of love and hope. It shows an incredible tale. Of.
Siblings sticking together through any situation based on a true story of civil war in Sudan. The good lie works to tell a true story in an enjoyable dramatic fashion.
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